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dating for sex addicts

1 How to Deal With Sex Addiction In Relationships: Relationship Advice

2 Hack Live Sex Addicts: Dating a Sex Addict

3 15 Confessions From Sex Addicts

4 We Need To Talk About Sex Addiction | Paula Hall | TEDxLeamingtonSpa

5 10 Distinct Differences Between Narcissists & Sex Addicts

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addicts dating online for singles

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18 февраля 2018 07:58
I feel the generation after early ninties are more knowledge based than sex
14 февраля 2018 00:08
ive been seeing this girl for months now we are not a couple because i knew she slept around since the day i first slept with her. after she told me she was a virgin but had been raped when she was little. i knew the virgin thing was bs from the start dont wanna go into detail. but we saw each other rarely an slowly started seeing each other more an more. we fought often. an she admitted to me after me finding some texts on her phone that she left to another state supposably for school for 3 weeks an turned out she went over there to live with another guy. things didnt go well so she came back. i knew about this before but had no proof. she told me about SOME of the guys she fucked while seeing me but never recent ones shed always say that last time was over a month ago. i had enough and stopped talking to her an blocked her on everything i could. she got her sister to try to convince me that she changed. i saw her again after she told me her mom could die within a month. an she tells me how she wants to be together an that shes not like that anymore. not the first time i heard it. after i saw her i got that feeling she did something again after i left. i notice small details in what she does an a lot of times my gut feelings have been right. i feel that if i catch her red handed i can finally be at ease. but how i dont know what to do but this girl is driving crazy i do like her but dont know why i put her over any other girl that comes into my life an i dont get it. any advice is appreciated thank you
Navy Mars
Navy Mars
18 марта 2018 11:48
Thanks i really needed to hear that
9 марта 2018 09:53
I really enjoy your videos Kera but please girl you need to go into depth about the subjects you are talking about. Sometimes you can be very vague. just some simple advice if you bring something up try say at least three to four more sentences and examples about it so that you can adequate cover and solidify what you are speaking about. Your videos might be a it longer but trust me the information will be better obtained overtime much love sis
31 марта 2018 06:54
Love your videos thanks
23 марта 2018 22:06
Hope This Video Was Helpful and Thanks For Watching
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