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dating a cocaine addict

1 Dating Advice : Dating a Person With a Drug Addiction

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4 Ex cocaine drug addicts tell the tale

5 Cocaine Love...Are You Addicted?

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dating a drug addict

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13 февраля 2018 06:20
this girl Ive been dating for the last few years 2 actually Ive known for about 20 years shes had numerous surgeries in her early twenties back to back and she became addicted to pain pills that were prescribed to her from the doctor once the doctors took her off she was working for a physician at the time and she started writing her own prescriptions and got caught and went to prison for 4 years when she got out she was clean we started dating not too long after that she had been clean for almost 2 years and then she started slipping back into using again but not prescription pain pills she started using air duster she has an addictive personality and she becomes addicted very quickly to anything she tries at first I thought it was a phase and it would Pass but after a couple of weeks I seen the signs that this was never going to stop she got a DUI while huffing air duster in a parking lot and was arrested we broke up I told her that I cant date her that I deserved better but Im willing to work on it if shes willing to stop using she cant do it she says one thing and then does another now another month has gone by and she got another DUI and a probation violation arrest for getting the first DUI while she was still on probation for her first criminal offence and I cant deal with this hi Im not the kind of person to get in trouble with the cops I havent even had a ticket in 15 years so Im going to have to cut her loose completely I have to remember that no ones going to be able to help her until she wants to help herself and I need to protect myself
7 апреля 2018 11:27
Get counseling... cut and dry best advice I found on youtube all other videosjust cry about how hard it is and what to expect. This person actually says what to do in the situation. only took 2 minutes too.... thank you
19 февраля 2018 12:39
my sister started dating a guy her freshman year in college she woke up pregnant pretty early on in their relationship about 6 months or so so they decided to get married she came home early from work about a month after they were married to find him laying on the couch with a needle sticking out of his arm this started a hole in and out of rehab game where he would go into rehab stand for a month get out be clean for about a month then get caught using again then go back to rehab and the cycle continued when my niece was about 6 months old he overdosed and killed himself right after his third treatment in rehab
20 марта 2018 06:06
He told me on the first date...
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